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Incentiviced waste differentiation supported by Green publicity.
Everybody wins.

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Snuffit proposes a competitive marketing solution.
Contact us for more information.
Support a green initiative to make the world a better place,
While enjoying a green image.
Everybody wins.
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Support a green initiative to make the world a better place,
benefitting from return clients.
Everybody wins.
1. Snuffit is an ingenious way to recycle, using physical “litter kits” (collection devices) and an online platform.
Snuffit “litter kits” are free for users.
Snuffit offers rewards as incentives to further the use and return of the “litter kits”.
The “litter kits” are circular (they can be used repeatedly).
When they reach the end of their product life, the material is easy to recycle as an SRM (Secondary Raw Material).
Snuffit is compatible with municipal recycling initiatives.

2. The economical engine of the Snuffit platform is the ability to collect valuable user data linked to traditional publicity and promotional products.

3. The collected waste is homogenous and so, can be treated as an SRM (Secondary Raw Material) which in itself has an economical value.

4. Snuffit supports local business by creating job opportunities and paving the way for business opportunities.

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   Media Buyers 

Snuffit is mainly supported by Media Buyers, but anyone can support Snuffit by either becoming a Media Buyer, or donating.

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Snuffit continuously research how to best recycle the collected materials and making the process as efficient as possible together with CNR IPCB.

We also research how to bring value to the new types of waste. Anticipated, water bottle screw caps (HDPE plastic), facial masks (PP plastic). These materials, when sufficiently homogenous, can be transformed into for example 3d printer filament yielding high value.
We intend to supply our satellites with a ready-to-go formula for the chosen material collected.

To support the collection process Snuffit work with local artists and designers using Snuffit SRM. The designer/artist SRM products will be on sale to the public.

We want a future end of waste" with a "cradle to cradle" production style.

If you are interested in our SRM products please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Q: How is it possoble that the Snuffit litter kits free of charge and also carry a bonus/perk?
A: Snuffit is sponsored by Media Buyers. The Our Distributors offer our users bonuses and perks for free publicity. Everybody Wins!

Q: Why is it important to register and return the full litter kits?
A: The waste is highly differentiated in the litter kits and we can return the material to the product chain reducing the need for virgin raw material. By registering you have the possiblity to get gonuses and win perks. (Your details are safe, we might send you an email at times)!

Q: What happens to the waste after it reaches us?
A: We work with CNR IPCB on recycling, so it mainly go to CNR IPCB for the purpose of research. Part of the waste comes back to us in the form of SRM

Q: How is Snuffit financed?
A: We still rely on private financing, mostly by our creators and staff. This is why it is important that you spread the message and keep giving us your social support!

Q: What drives Snuffit?
A: Snuffit is driven by people. People who work at Snuffit, our Media Buyers, our Distributors and people who use our litter kits.

Q: How about privacy, you say you will not sell our personal data?
A: The Media Buyers are our engine. They would really benefit from your personal data, but instead we opted for offering the service to deliver their message to you rather than selling out your private data. We find this reasonable since we are like you.

Q: How can I support Snuffit?
A: There are several ways of supporting Snuffit. Buying Media is the easiest way. In the near future there will be a donation option. Purchasing part of Snuffit will also be made available. Setting up a local Snuffit satellite will soon be open. And not to forget, USE THE SNUFFIT LITTER KITS AND REGISTERING THEM.

Q: Is it possible to invest in Snuffit?
A: There are 2 ways to invest in Snuffit, option one is investing in Snuffit global, option 2 is to make a suggestion of opening a Snuffit satellite and investing in the satellite.

Q: What is a Snuffit satellite?
A: A Snuffit satellite is an independent local entity using the Snuffit platform for collecting waste in a highly differentiated way, in order to make SRM´s. A Snuffit satellite will get investment opportunities from Snuffit along with the blueprints for how to collect and use the waste in the best way.

Q: Who is Snuffit?
A: Snuffit is all of us, the only difference is how we participate. This is up to you how you chose, We are constantly looking for people to join us and contribute in any way possible.

Q: How is it working with Snuffit?
A: We are dispersed all over, so it is all up to us all to do our best and keep things going. But, we are always looking for people joining us.

Q: Where is the magic happening?
A: The magic is everywhere, we are all participants and we all make it happen.

If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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Scientific Partners
CNR IPCB National research Council : The Institute for Polymers and Bio materials
Partner Ambientali:
Comitato 7 Agosto, Ecowalk San Ferdinando, Fridays for Future Prato, Lamezia Zero Waste
Tabata beach, Illusion 35, Carullos, Restaurant Gibran, Il Vecchio Mulino, Parafarmacia Galati,
Enoteca Polimeni, Bar Acqua Chiara Angolo Divino, Logudoro, B&B la Casetta, Farmacia Barbalace,
Studio dentistico de Masi, Pane e Parole, B&B Sweet Home, Hotel Mucci, Gelateria Oasi

How to find our distributors
    Via galati SNC
    88046 LAMEZIA TERME (CZ)
   +39 338 4970 420